Oct 29, 2008

念 Tankers Reminiscience, Somewhere in India 2006

Endless row of tankers for circulating the blood in industry in India..
However the huge scale of engergy consumption in US, China and India already a real threat for the existence of human being on earth...

嶪 Railroad Workers under Hot Dry Sun, Middle of India June 2006

色 Color of India, Tractor in the Station, Mumbai-Chennai Express India 2006

Oct 22, 2008

席 AC Tier-2 Sleeper, Mumbai-Chennai Express India 2005

哀 a Girl for Railroad Work, Middle of India July 2006

There was a girl..
working much hard chores
under the harsh sun of dry season
in the middle of India.
Wearing such a beautifully matched
red and greent
hough almost bare footed..
she was there for working
with beautifully braided long hair
with snow white flower at the end
with nearly bare footed..
God bless her..
God bless her.. please..

秘 Wise Parrot in Bombay, Mumbai India July 2006

When I woke up in the morning at the very first day in India actually in the fairy tale city of Bombay
and as I wide opened the windows of two pieces, he was there on the wire and kept staring at me.

It seemed like that he, seemingly a wise parrot, tried to tell me something though I would never know..
What I knew was that he looked beautiful and had such a status..