Feb 20, 2011

life is beautiful.. , Marina Beach Chennai India 2006

Making promising India more promising is that they have heathier poplution profile
compared to other developed or developing countries like Europe, Japan, US or Korea etc.
They have lot more young people who study hard and work diligently for their brighter future.

Happy new year and good luck guys~~ !

How sweet are the hopes and the pleasures of youth,
Ere misfortune has blighted their springs to the heart,
Ere the seeds of suspicion, and envy, and art,
Have supplanted the feelings of candour and truth!

In life's joyous morning, how glowing, how bright,
Are the dreams of the future--by Fancy inspired!
Like bubbles, that ere they are form'd have expired,
So vanish its sorrows, as transient, as light.

But soon, oh! too soon, must these feelings decay,
The storms of the world they can never survive;
And alas! when once gone they can never revive
To soothe or to brighten life's desolate way! 

. Anne S. Bushby