Nov 22, 2008

昏 Running to the East as sun goes down to the horizon, Chennai Express June 2006

A Life like the Clouds high Above
Reality is running like the Bullet train..
faster than the Shakespeare's Arrow for Time.

Hey Mr. Cloud, how can you be so free from everything?

I just see the clouds.. totally out of my mind..
.. in the state of zero productivity.. so to speak..
while I feel the rythme of the train comfortably..

I see the only tree over there..
a small but beautiful palm tree..
upright still with the long hairs..

Years ago a bird might drop a seed while she flew..
to initiate the life of the plant on the very spot.

What a miracle of life I see..
What a seemingly inadvertent but extremely well self-maintaining ecosytem
furbished by the Invisible Hand.

The horses seem reallyenjoy galloping here and there in such spacious ranch in constrast to the people in rural India look very touch in making their living.

I often observed sheppards herding goats for milk as well as meats and it looked very much peaceful..
What a beautiful as well as exotic formatio of clouds in the hot dry season.. I could be with the huge clouds for more than 15 minutes in the fast running express.

Nov 20, 2008

驛 Stop by the Station, Chennai Express India 2006

I like to stay at the railway station.
People come and go with their companions, heavy luggages
and with something emotional to carry down to their final destination.

Seeing people waiting at the platform makes me getting little bit of nervous, because I see the faces of people with their woes.. more or less.. in life..
The faces seem to tell me their stories of life.. which hasn't been easy at all..

It's quite different feeling that I feel at the airline terminal where I see people with some level of status, arrogance sometimes and seemingly no agony at all .
Specifically they are not allowed to carry any big bag other than brief case or just tiny ones.
And the looks of the people waiting at the air terminal do not really look like to speak..

Isn't it pretty? As pretty as the flowers blossomed in nearby tree, the engine seemedd stand there for a long time..

Nov 19, 2008

Cross Encounter at the Blink of Time.., Chennai Express India June 2006

After the couple of blinks of eyes..
the train running the opposite direction had gone away far..

How many people we've been passing by
without saying hello,
without shaking hand with,
without giving even a glance..
though if we did
they might have been my husband, wife or life-long friend..

What an unbearable lightness of life..

The ladies under traditional costume of strong natural color caught my sight though a couple of blinks only..

Nov 18, 2008

走 Keep Going to the East of India, Mumbai-to-Chennai Express June 2006

The people at the crossroad watched me
taking photos of themselves..
I thought that
how many people took a chance to try this express train,
how many people could have a chance
to get out their home town to see more, to experiece more..
to get to know there is much bigger world than their village..

I was not sure..
And I was not really sure
which lifestyle is happier..

I've been travelling a lot and sometimes I thought that I am living on the small planet of Earth.
However I think in the other way around that the dimension of physical space might not really matter for life..

No matter how big scale our life might span, the depth & richness of our life do not quite propotional the the spatial coverage..

So I changed my mind to envy them who has been living in the same place for a long time generation after generation with the all the same trees, flowers and grasses getting older togther with them.. with all the same color of moon wax and wane with same trajectory..

What a lovely tree with the grand shadow in the late afternoon under the beautiful sky..
The Train went up to the mountain right after the departure of the Mumbai Station and I had a woderfull chance to have a great view of the mountain ranges and all the different trees and green field of Western India.

Watching people in the long que wating something always gives me kind of nostalgic feeling though don't know why..
Venders selling light food for passengers were nearly all males and they were selling some Indian traditional snacks like fried Indian style dumpling..

走 To the East and down to the South across Mountains and Rivers, Mumba-to-Chennai Express India 2006